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We are mobile software solutions for retail industry

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My Stores

Put your favorites stores in your pocket.
It's an awesome app that lets you have up to 9 of your favorite stores in your pocket, not only to have a feed about their deals and offers but to interact, buy, discover and find what you are looking for right on the sales floor

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An app for business that lets businesses build and manage your customer community within
My Stores. With it you can send push notifications, email or sms to your customers so that they don't miss your deals and offers and to learn who is looking for what in your area.

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The Crew
We are a creative team totally focused in development disruption.

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Armin Medx

Software Developer And Internet Enterprenuer. Lead programmer, fans of hackathons (winner of some), began to develop at an early age while still in school, He attended to the Instituto Tecnologico de Santo Domingo to study Software Engineer, the aim of life is to create something that changes the world.

Samuel Cornielle

Electronics Engineer, Operations Management, Master degree, Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra. He worked in Verizon for 5 years after leading sales engineering. Described as a very centered and analytic engineer with a keen eye to product detail and its value proposal to the customer.

Caitlin Stilin-Rooney

Has worked with leading East African coffee export companies to ensure transparency from farm to export and gender empowerment through the proposal of geo-tracking systems and mobile technology. She has spent the past two years working along the Dominican border with small businesses as well as local and international partners to develop a community-banking product with women’s bank ADOPEM.

Madeline Padrón

Amazing Graphic Designer (UX / UI). She has participated in various startup competitions and has served as the creative developer for the UX on mobile applications.